Institut Supérieur pour l'Etude du
Langage Plastique asbl

A happening on the need for communication
Six people from different countries will invent solutions to problems of communication, hunger, thirst, propriety, sharing of wealth and curiosity.

Concept: Valeria Nagy, Kimon Fotiadis
Ceramic plates: Valeria Nagy
Table: Kimon Fotiadis
Video filming and editing: Kimon Fotiadis

Performance - Meeting with the artists
Wednesday 21 April 2004, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Exhibition 21 April – 31 May 2004
Monday – Saturday 11:00 am – 5:30 pm

Iselp, Boulevard de Waterloo 31, Brussels

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Parcours d'Artistes. St-Gilles.04

A glass man is suspended inside a French-Arabic dictionary. The dictionary is hollow, creating an illuminated window and an interior which communicates with the outside world through a narrow passage. The dictionary thus becomes the belly from which a new man is born – a sea of information which both embraces and frightens the voyager. The man’s transparency represents the new understanding the spectator gains in decoding the two cultures, as well as the unveiling of the “other”.


24 April – 7 May 2004,
Tuesday – Friday,
2 – 5 pm.

8 – 23 May 2004,
Parcours d'Artistes weekends,
2 – 7 pm

calling home

Our weakness turns to strength. And as our surrounding armor melts away, our once fragile being becomes resilient, for it evolves and flows.

Midnight, the negligée hangs
from the Rainbow

An image, living and moving, is beamed
from nowhere on a dreamy night.

Concept, performing: Betty Babili
Garment Painting: Alexis Mitropoulos
Visual Effects: Kimon Fotiadis
Photography: Vangelis Efthymiou
Jewelry: Paula Lakah

Wednesday, 5 May, 2004 at the
Adrianou Gallery Cafe. Time: 10 am