Whatever our home, our true nature, as soon as we perceive our existence as separate, we react to it. We do everything in our power to minimize contact with what we are, by erecting clogging, stifling, protective walls.

Whatever our home, our true nature, we will not rest unless we come to terms with it.

On this journey towards reconciliation, our defenses fall, along with our fears, as we finally let go and drift into the unknown.

Our weakness turns to strength. And as our surrounding armor melts away, our once fragile being becomes resilient, for it evolves and flows.

For Indian Summer, suffocation brings us closer to our true nature, perhaps because this is when we finally admit that we know nothing and let life speak through us.

“Calling Home” is made of darkness, primeval melodies played live on religious Afro-Cuban drums, projections of colors which take on a life of their own and frolic with the human body, sounds of a storm, an alarm, a wobbly stool, the sea, gulls, and silence, through which we may build another relationship to ourselves and the world, one where loneliness has no place.

A relationship based on the Body and its infinite, undiscovered potential.

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